Research Proposal

A research proposal is meant to introduce a topic that is important to the field and gain the interest of other researchers as well as funding for future research. This research proposal helped me clarify my idea for my literature review topic. When I first began the proposal, I did not have a specific idea of what I wanted to focus on. After the first draft, I was able to put an idea on paper and begin working on my research. It was after the second draft of the proposal that I was able to focus my topic better and begin more effectively searching for articles to use for my literature review. By writing the objective of my literature review and how I was going to find the research I needed, I had created a plan that made the research process easier than it would have been if I had simply started looking for articles.

I felt that after writing the final draft of my proposal I had a very clear idea for my topic and knew what I needed to be searching for in my articles. If I had spent more time on my first draft of the proposal, my idea would have been clear sooner and I would have been able to focus my research and had a more specific plan for the second draft. If I had included more sources in my proposal it would have been stronger and more convincing.

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