Online Assignments Cover Note

The online assignments made me analyze the work I was doing for assignments such as the literature review and the collaborative prospectus. I was able to clarify many of my ideas as I completed the online assignments and I received feedback from my peers. By completing these assignments, I was better able to understand other major assignments and readings that we had in class. These assignments provided a way to gather ideas and structure my thoughts. If I had the chance to complete the online assignments again, I would have taken more time to do them. Because they were rough drafts of major assignments, I did not take as much time as I could have on them. I realize now that they can be very helpful and make the major assignments easier to complete by organizing my ideas.

The online assignments that analyzed readings helped me understand what I was reading better by forcing me to re-read it and think about what the author’s message was and why it was important. All of the assignments also forced me to link everything we were doing in class back to psychology. In writing classes we sometimes focus on the reading and writing so much that we forget to connect it back to the subject of psychology. Commenting on peers’ blogs allowed me to learn about different topics in psychology and to see other styles of writing and compare them to my style of writing to see what works better and what I should change to improve mine.

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