Literature Review

The literature review was by far the most difficult assignment I encountered this semester. I have been asked to produce literature reviews in other psychology classes but was never taught how to write one. Other literature reviews that I have completed have not been as detailed as the one we completed in this class. While we did use peer reviewed articles to provide information about a topic of interest. In those reviews however, we we’re not asked to put the studies  or articles in conversation with each other. This was the most difficult part of the assignment. Making the studies flow while attempting to not disrupt the flow of ideas required a lot of organizing and re-reading and re-writing.

With the help of my peers and the organization strategies that we discussed in class I was able to create a conversation within the articles and keep the ideas organized. If I were to rewrite my literature review I would spend more time trying to connect the different studies and look for more sources to make my paper stronger. Another change I would make would be to add more about possible implications outside of the field of psychology or outside of the prison environment.

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