This semester we completed many difficult assignments that challenged me in ways that other writing classes never did. The most difficult assignment I completed was the literature review. Placing the articles in conversation with each other was very difficult for me and it affected the organization of the entire paper. After writing the first draft, I realized that I would have to fix my organization before I could think about where to place the articles.

After finishing my literature review, I thought about other writingassignments I have written in the past and how I never thought I had a problem with organization until writing this one. Through the process of peer reviews and re-writing I learned ways that were helpful in organizing essays. I had never used headings before this assignment and after using them I saw how helpful they are not only for me as I am writing my essay, but also for the reader.

Audience was also a major theme that we focused on this semester. although I knew it was important to know who I was writing for, I never focused on how I was writing or how I could change my writing to make it more appropriate for a specific audience. Throughout the semester I noticed the difference in the way I began writing before the class and how that process changed as I learned more about audience. In the beginning, I simply started writing without making an outline or thinking about who would be reading the paper. Towards the end of the semester, however, I was outlining my essays and thinking more about who I was writing for and how I should change my writing style to fit that audience.

Peer reviews helped me a great deal throughout this semester. It can be difficult for me to see mistakes I have made especially when I have been working on a paper for a long time. When others read my drafts and pointed out parts that were confusing or that I needed to develop better, it allowed me to see the reader’s point of view. When I am writing I understand everything in my paper because I am thinking of the ideas but others may not understand it. Peer reviews also helped me strengthen my arguments and find weaknesses in my papers. Aside from helping me find mistakes, peer reviews also allowed me the opportunity to see other styles of writing and organization that will help me write papers in the future.

Writing 101 was one of the most difficult courses I have encountered and it challenged me to analyze my writing as I have never done before. This class was also one of the most beneficial courses I have taken because I learned skills that will help me when I go to graduate school or begin working in the field of psychology.

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