Collaborative Prospectus

My group’s collaborative prospectus was on social behavior and the environment. We chose to focus on the prison environment because there is more aggression there than anywhere else in society and this aggression is affecting many people outside and inside of the prison walls. This assignment forced us to work as a group collaborating with other “experts” to create a new research project.

Working in groups can be difficult because of differences in personalities and writing styles. Fortunately our group worked well together and we did not have any problems getting our work done. In the beginning, our ideas were very broad and not everything flowed together the way we wanted it to. After discussing with each other and with the professor we were able to gain a more clear understanding of what we wanted to focus on for our research.

Once we had our topic, it became easier to put together our research methods and other details of our proposed plan. Writing the paper was an easier task than we expected it to be. We used google docs to put all of our ideas and information in and then worked on making it flow in one voice. Our presentation could have been better if we had the opportunity to spend more time on it. There was more information that we could have included and more visuals if we had more time to create them.

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