Annotated Bibliography

Before taking this course I had never heard of an annotated bibliography. This assignment was especially helpful to me when it came to writing my literature review. The purpose of the annotated bibliography was to look more closely at the sources that we had compiled for our literature reviews and see how they related to our topics. I found this assignment helpful because it made my topic more specific and narrowed down the type of research that I needed to be searching for.

A great deal of the literature that I was finding first was interesting but not related to the topic I was researching. By creating the annotated bibliography, I was able to determine which articles would be the best to use in my paper and how they would be relevant to my topic. Summarizing the articles also gave me a better understanding of what each article was about and how it related to the other articles I found. If I had an opportunity to do this assignment again I would use the information from the annotated bibliography to find more sources and put the articles in conversation with each other.

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