Collaborative Prospectus

The environment plays a very important role in the development of a person’s social behavior. A person’s behavior is shaped by the way they see others behaving as well as how others behave towards them. In a prison setting, there is a great deal of aggression and tension. There are people who have murdered others and other offenders who use violence to solve their issues. Studies have shown that non-violent offenders who are incarcerated with violent offenders for long periods of time will become violent. For these prisoners, violence is the only way to survive in such an aggressive environment. They must set aside their sense of humanity and live by the rules that have been set by those around them. This information links the environment with social behavior. It can be combined with the topics of conduct disorders and negative environments during childhood to shed light on how strongly environments can affect a person’s social behavior. Lighting is a part of the environment and may affect mood, which then affects the way people interact with others.

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