What Do We Know?

The topic of the effects of institutionalization on prisoners with long term sentences seems to be studied more in the sociological context. Most of the research that has been conducted focuses on the way prison affects a prisoner’s social life. There are contradicting results when it comes to whether prison affects prisoners socially.  There is not much research, however, on how it affects them psychologically. Studies that were conducted when researchers first began studying prison life do mention some psychological effects. It was found that prisoners experienced anxiety and irritability towards the end of their stay. These feelings were attributed to the fact that they were afraid that they would not be able to adjust to life outside of prison. There was also a feeling of losing their individuality and conforming to the ways of prison life. Recent studies focus more on sociological effects. Further research is needed to determine exactly what negative psychological effects prison life has on the inmates and how it affects their ability to function.

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1 Response to What Do We Know?

  1. galvan101 says:

    Your topic is really interesting and it is sort of a let down that there is no information, so far, on the psychological effects. It would be really great to have some information regarding that, but knowing that inmates have the fear of adjusting to the life outside is interesting because I would not think that would be the first thought. Does the anxiety and irritability stay with them after they leave the prison?

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